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Guide to Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland, Ohio

Less than 50 years ago Cuyahoga Valley National Park was a sprawling community of farms and small-scale factories in the Cuyahoga Valley. Thanks to its natural beauty, intriguing fauna and flora and amazing story of...

How to grow pitcher plants at home

When I was a kid growing up in southeast Asia, I was fascinated by the bizarre native nepenthes pitcher plants I’d see on rainforest walks, not to mention the dramatic time-lapse sequences...

Growing pains: how the climate crisis is changing British gardens

On a dank day in January, a small slice of Walsall is blooming. Marie and Tony Newton’s back garden is filled with summery colour: miniature mauve cyclamens, frilly red camellias, graceful hellebores,...

Things to do in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Marbella is wrongly thought to be either one of the concrete nightmares of the Costa del Sol, or as a really expensive place to visit. In fact, Marbella is...

Nasturtiums, the flowers that follow me everywhere

I measure my life in flowers. Nasturtiums marked my first home, red geraniums my first proper job, scented lily of the valley are for the love of my life.

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